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Hanseatic League was created in 1358.

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Q: When was Hanseatic League created?
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Why was the Hanseatic league crated?

the Hanseatic league was created for an economic alliance of trading cities and their guilds that dominated trade along the coast of Northern Europe in the later Middle Ages.

When was Hanseatic Legion created?

Hanseatic Legion was created in 1813.

Which Sea did the Hanseatic League monopolize trade in?

The Hanseatic League monopolized trade in the Baltic and North Seas.

The hanseatic league was created to?

promote the trade of cities along the north and Baltic seas

When was the Hanseatic league founded?


What has the author William Worm written?

William Worm has written: 'The Hanseatic League' -- subject(s): Hanseatic League, History

When was Hanseatic University Rostock created?

Hanseatic University Rostock was created in 2007.

What cities were controlled by the Hanseatic League?


Who formed the Hanseatic League?

king Henry the 11th

Hanseatic League was an association of the towns for warfare purposes?


Who was defeated by Hanseatic League?

hawai did you peice of SpongeBob

How did the Hanseatic League maintain control of its partners?

my mom.

Which of the cities belonged to the hanseatic league?

stockholm, hamburg

Association of German towns for trade and defense?

Hanseatic League

League of towns and cities in northern Germany for protection and trade purposes?

It was called the Hanseatic League.

League of towns and cities in northern Germany for trade and protection purposes?

It was called the Hanseatic League.

What was the league formed by the free Greek cities to appose the Athenian Empire?

I believe it was the Hanseatic League

How did the Hanseatic League punish people?

stripped of there right to trade niggy

The trade association formed in northern Germany was called the?

hanseatic League

The trade association formed in northern Germany was called the .?

hanseatic League

What did the hanseatic league do?

The Hanseatic league formed in mid- 12th century by the German and Scandinavian seafaring merchants. It was more of a league of merchant associations in the cities of northern Germany and the Baltic. They banded together on the trade routes, which were dangerous and risky to travel alone. The league was created to protect commercial interests and privileges granted by foreign rulers in cities and countries the merchants visited.

What did trade groups like the Hanseatic League form?

To reduce the threat of attacks

During the Medieval period which of the following centers of trade was part of the Hanseatic League?


Where was the hanseatic league formed?

It began as a defensive agreement between Lübeck and Hamburg in 1241.

What has the author Sandra Muraska written?

Sandra Muraska has written: 'England and the Hanseatic league'