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Fabio Cannavaro took over as captain from Paolo Maldini after the 2002 world cup, and has been the captain of the Italian team ever since.

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Q: When was Fabio Cannavaro capitan of the famous Italian soccer team?
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Names of Italian soccer players?

Materazzi Del Piero Cannavaro Santon Pirlo

Who is the captain of the 2009 Italian national soccer team?

Gianluigi Buffon.

How tall is Fabio Cannavaro?

Fabio Cannavaro (born September 13, 1973) is an Italian soccer coach and former player on the Italian national team. He played on the winning Under-21 European Championship team in 1994, and on Italy's winning FIFA World Cup team in 2006.

What is Fabio Cannavaro well know for?

Fabio Cannavaro is a retired professional soccer player best known for his appearances with the Italian national soccer team. Cannavaro scored two goals and played in 136 games over 14 years with Team Italy. In addition, he had a long career with major European club teams, most notably Real Madrid.

What is Italy soccer team captain?

Fabio Cannavaro

Who was Italy's 2006 National soccer team captain?


Famous Italian soccer players?

Fra Angeliaco, Umberto Boccioni, and Sandro Botticelli were three famous painters. Antonio Abetti was an Astronomer at the Institution Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri he was born June 19 1847 and died February 20 1928 at the age of 81

What is Enrico Chiesa famous for?

Enrico Chiesa is a famous Italian football striker and manager. He played for many years in Serie A which is the premiere ITalian soccer league. He also played for the ITalian national team.

What are the name of the best Italian soccer player?

Among the best Italian players are certainly world cup 06 winners Francesco Totti, Fabio Cannavaro, Luca Toni, Alesandro Del Perio, Camoranesi, Andrea Pirlo, Genaro Gattuso, Gigi Buffon, De Rossi, Nesta among others.

Who are famous soccer players that play defense?

Terry Vidic Lucio Zanetti Mertesacker Maicon Cannavaro Puyol Dani Alves Gallas Ramos R.Ferdinand Kolo Toure Juan Lucio Chiellini Carvalho Pepe Lahm R.Marquez

What is 'soccer' when translated from English to Italian?

"Soccer" in English is calcio in Italian.

What is the the Italian popular game?

Italian people are very famous for soccer, but are also good at skiing, fencing, and basketball.