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FIBA Basketball World Cup was created in 1950.

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Q: When was FIBA Basketball World Cup created?
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When was FIBA Asia Cup created?

FIBA Asia Cup was created in 2004.

When was FIBA Asia Champions Cup created?

FIBA Asia Champions Cup was created in 1981.

Where was the Fiba basketball 2010 world cup held?

The 2010 Fiba world championship was held in Turkey. 24 nations took part, and the USA beat Turkey in the final.

When was Basketball World Cup created?

Basketball World Cup was created in 2002.

What countries will be competing in basketball at the olympic games?

The men's qualification for the Olympic basketball tournament will take place from 2019 to 2020; all five FIBA (International Basketball Federation) zones are expected to have representation in the Olympic basketball event. Japan as host qualifies directly. The first qualifying tournament was the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in which seven teams will qualify for the Olympics. The next best 16 teams in the FIBA Basketball World that did not qualify directly to the Olympics along with 2 select teams from each of the four FIBA regions or 24 teams will participate in four separate wild card tournaments which will determine the final four teams which will play in the Olympics. A total of 12 teams will take part in the Olympics, with each NOC sending in one team. Qualification via hosting the Olympics The host nation (Japan) is qualified to participate in the Olympic men's basketball event as the host.[1] Qualification via World Cup The best finishing team/s in the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup from each FIBA zone qualifies directly to the Olympics.[2] FIBA Africa: 1 team FIBA Americas: 2 teams FIBA Asia: 1 team FIBA Europe: 2 teams FIBA Oceania: 1 team Qualification via the wild card tournament The additional four qualifying teams will be determined through four FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournaments of six teams each or between twenty four teams, totally. The tournaments will be contested by the 16 best non-qualifying teams at the 2019 World Cup and an additional 8 teams; 2 teams from each of the four regions of Africa, Americas, Asia (and Oceania), and Europe.[2] According to the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup results, each zone is allocated with the following berths: FIBA Africa: 3 team FIBA Americas: 7 teams FIBA Asia and FIBA Oceania: 3 team FIBA Europe : 11 teams I hope this helps. Please marks as the top answer.

What is The difference between NCAA and fiba basketball?

The FIBA basketball organization is a tournament which is held every year that holds International teams that competes to win a cup. The NCAA is not a professional level of game

When was Russian Basketball Cup created?

Russian Basketball Cup was created in 2000.

When was Turkish Cup Basketball created?

Turkish Cup Basketball was created in 1967.

When was Greek Basketball Cup created?

Greek Basketball Cup was created in 1975.

When was Italian Basketball Cup created?

Italian Basketball Cup was created in 1967.

When was Cypriot Basketball Cup created?

Cypriot Basketball Cup was created in 1967.

When was Slovenian Basketball Cup created?

Slovenian Basketball Cup was created in 1992.