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Don King - boxing promoter - was born on 1931-08-20.

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Q: When was Don King - boxing promoter - born?
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Who is Donald King?

Donald "Don" King is a boxing promoter.

Who is Donald?

Donald "Don" King is a boxing promoter.

Did Don King die?

No Don King [the boxing promoter] is still alive.

How old is Don King?

Boxing promoter Don King is 85 years old (birthdate: August 20, 1931).

What is Don King well known for?

Don King is well known for his unique hair style and his role as eccentric boxing promoter. More information about King can be found on the site Wikipedia.

When was Don Owen - wrestling promoter - born?

Don Owen - wrestling promoter - was born on 1912-03-16.

Name something people associate with don king?

hairstyle, boxing

What is something accosiated with Don King?

hair boxing mike tyson

When did Don Owen - wrestling promoter - die?

Don Owen - wrestling promoter - died on 2002-08-01.

What famous black people have names that start with an k?

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a famous clergyman, activist, and leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. B.B. King is a famous guitarist and singer-songwriter. Don King is a famous boxing promoter. Eartha Kitt is a famous singer. Jamaica Kincaid is a famous novelist.

When was Don King born?

Don King was born on August 20, 1931.

When was Don King - coach - born?

Don King - coach - was born in 1926-02.