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Big Ten Conference was created in 1896.

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Conference League was created in 1996.

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Q: When was Conference League created?
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When was Conference League Cup created?

Conference League Cup was created in 1979.

When was National Conference League created?

National Conference League was created in 1986.

World organization created at the Paris Peace Conference?

The allied victors of World War I met at the Paris Peace Conference. One of the major decisions made was the creation of the League of Nations.

When was Torfaen Tigers of the Welsh division of the Rugby League Conference created?

Torfaen Tigers was created in 2003.

When was Southeastern Conference created?

1992 was the Gamecocks first season in the SEC.

What is a conference in football?

The NFL has 2 conferences. The NFC (national football conference) and the AFC (American Football Conference) The AFC was created after the AFL (American Football league) disbanded and converged into the NFL in 1970

Is duke university an ivy league?

No, Duke is not an Ivy League school. The Ivy League is an athletic conference. Duke is in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Is Duke University an Ivy League school?

No, Duke is not an ivy league school. The Ivy League is an athletic conference. Duke is in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

What are the differences between the National League Conference and the American League Conference in American football?

First of all, you are confusing the terms national league and American league used in baseball with football. Replace the word league with football. NFL has the National Football Conference and American Football Conference. There really is no difference, the difference is very similar to the differences between the American League and National League in baseball. Both Conferences are at the same level of play, play for the world championship with one team represting each (league in baseball, conference in football) in the final round of the playoffs, and in both baseball and football, each team plays the majority of games in their own (league in baseball, conference in football), but still plays a few of their games against teams from the other league or conference. These conferences were created after the NFL merged with a competing top-level league in 1970, the AFL (American Football League). All teams in the NFC are either expansion teams created after the merger, or were in the NFL before the merger. In the AFC, three teams that were in the NFL moved to the AFC the year of the merger so both conferences would have the same number of teams. Other than those three teams, all AFC teams were in the AFL or are expansion teams created after the merger.

When was The Conference Board created?

The Conference Board was created in 1916.

When was Yankee Conference created?

Yankee Conference was created in 1946.

When was Tekakwitha Conference created?

Tekakwitha Conference was created in 1939.