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Carlisle Indians football was created in 1893.

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Q: When was Carlisle Indians football created?
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When did Carlisle Indians football end?

Carlisle Indians football ended in 1917.

What was the goal of schools for African Indian youths such as the carlisle school?

okay Carlisle, Ohio has a school and it is trashy and horrible. The Indians made ground back their as they say. Personally i think its bull, but that's just me .(:

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When was Carlisle RLFC created?

Carlisle RLFC was created in 1981.

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When was Giant-Carlisle created?

Giant-Carlisle was created in 1923.

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When was Diocese of Carlisle created?

Diocese of Carlisle was created in 1133.

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When was Carlisle United F.C. created?

Carlisle United F.C. was created in 1904.

When was City of Carlisle created?

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