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Beach Volleyball Database was created in 1999.

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Volleyball was invented in the year 1780.

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Q: When was Beach Volleyball Database created?
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What are some statistics for men and womens pro beach volleyball?

See the Beach Volleyball database:

When was Klonoa Beach Volleyball created?

Klonoa Beach Volleyball was created on 2002-04-25.

When was European Beach Volleyball Championships created?

European Beach Volleyball Championships was created in 1993.

When was Summer Heat Beach Volleyball created?

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball was created on 2003-07-01.

When was Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball created?

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball was created on 2003-01-22.

When did paul Johnson created beach volleyball?


Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

Beach volleyball ball?

beach volleyball is a game you play at the beach with friends or family. beach volleyball ball is a soft ball you play with.

What are the two types of volleyball?

There is hard court volleyball, which is played on a wooden floor and there is beach volleyball, which is played in the sand (There is also indoor beach volleyball, but it is much smaller than beach and hard court)

What is the difference between beach volleyball and regular volleyball?

The difference between beach volleyball and sitting volleyball is that on the beach you do not sit to play volleyball where as obviously in sitting volleyball you would. Also I believe that usually disabled people play sitting volleyball. But I am quite sure that sitting volleyball could be played at the beach.

Who are some promoters for volleyball?

For beach volleyball crocs is a promoter For beach volleyball crocs is a promoter

Who created beach volleyball?

Nobody really knows that answer. William Morgan invented the game of volleyball in the 1890s and it is known that beach volleyball started in California in the 1920s. But who played the first game or created it, history has not recorded. The first beach volleyball was played in Santa Monica, Californa and the rules were made by people pretty much copying indoor volleyball. Whoever did was amazing and a hero to man kind. We will thank him forever! Answer: Let's just put it this way, we were playing team beach volleyball on the beaches of Perth, Australia back in the 1960's, and Australia is not really a 'volleyball' country, though it certainly get into its beaches!