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Basketball was introduced into Australia in 77777777777777777777777777 i will tell you why because i don't nkow

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Q: When was Basketball introduced into Australia?
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When was basketball introduced to Australia?

There is evidence that basketball was played in Australia as far back as 1905, but known one really knows for sure when it was first introduced there. In 1956, the Australian men's basketball team competed in the Olympics for the first time during the Olympic Games at Melbourne.

When were emus introduced into Australia?

Emus are native to Australia, not introduced.

When was the radio introduced into Australia?

The radio was first introduced in Australia in 1905.

What toad was introduced into Australia?

The cane toad was introduced into Australia. Australia has no native toads at all.

When were dogs introduced to Australia?

dogs were introduced in Australia on the first fleet in 1788.

Where was the blackberry plant first introduced into Australia?

the blackberry was introduced into Australia From Kenya

Is the Weasel introduced to Australia?

No, because there are no weasels in Australia. There are ferrets, which are entirely introduced.

Are donkeys an introduced species of Australia?

Yes. Donkeys are introduced, and not native to Australia.

Who introduced Basketball to the Olympics?


What year were cane toads introduced to Australia?

The cane toad was introduced into Australia in 1935.

When was Harmony Day introduced to Australia?

I think Harmony Day was introduced to Australia in 1998

What year were cane toads introduced in Australia?

Cane toads were introduced into Australia in 1935.

When was beef introduced to Australia?

Beef was introduced into Australia with the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788.

When were pandas introduced to Australia?

Pandas were never introduced to Australia other then at the odd zoo.

When was baseball introduced to Puerto Rico?

when was basketball introduced to puerto rico

Where were the first cats introduced to Australia?

in Australia

What year was basketball introduced?

Basketball was invented in 1891, by James Naismith.See

Are donkeys introduced to Australia?

Yes. Donkeys were introduced to Australia in its colonial years. There are no native members of the equine family in Australia.

When were horses introduced to Australia?

they were introduced when Captain Arthur Philip came to Australia with the first fleet.

Why was the dingo introduced into Australia?

The dingo was introduced to Australia over 3000 years ago from Asia

When was basketball introduced in Philippines?

1898 - 1900s, introduced by the USA by means of the YMCA.

Were ladybirds introduced to Australia?


Who introduced basketball to the Bahamas?

mr. christopher foster started basketball in the bahamas.

When was basketball introduced?

In 1904 in St Louis

Who introduced basketball to Filipinos?

Ron Artest.