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What was australias most famous Olympics What was australias most famous Olympics

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Q: When was Australia's most Successful Olympics?
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What is the most successful sports in the Olympics?

The most successful sport in the Olympics is hockey.

What was Japan's most successful Olympics?

The one that was the most successful.

Who was the most successful gymnast at the Olympics?

My assshole

What was the most successful country in the Olympics?


When was Australias First Olympics?

In 1956 Australia and Sweden co hosted the Olympics event. Then in 2000 Australia hosted Sydney Olympics solely..........

Who is the most successful competitor in the Olympics?

michael phelps

What are Indonesia's most successful sports in the Olympics?


What athlete was the most successful in the Olympics?

Michael Phelps.

What sport have you been the most successful at in the Olympics?


Who are the most successful people for Germany in the Olympics?

birgit fischier.

What is Australias most popular place?


What actors and actresses appeared in Australias Most Wanted - 1999?

The cast of Australias Most Wanted - 1999 includes: Robert Rabiah as Suspect

Which countries have been most successful in the modern day Olympics?


Which countries are most successful in Olympics?


Where do most of Australias migrants come from?

Where do most of Australia's migrants come from

Who was the most successful European ping pong player in Beijing Olympics 2008?

Vladimir Samsonov was the most successful European ping pong player at the Beijing Olympics. He is from Belarus that is located in Europes' Eastern block.

How successful is Britain in the winter Olympics?

veryyy successful

What is Australias most valuable coin?

As far as collector value on general circulation coins is concerned, the 1930 Penny would easily be Australias most valuable collectible coin.

Which team was the most successful in the Olympics?

Its usa but in some cases china will be better than usa

What country has been the most successful in the Olympics since the 1900s according to population and size?


What is australias most popular food?

Vegemite is probably the most well known Aussie food.

Which was the most successful Olympics for New Zealand?

The most successful Olympics was Los Angeles in 1984, where NZ won eight gold medals (and a total of 11) and finished 8th on the medal table. However, since these Olympics were boycotted by the USSR and the GDR among other nations this total was arguably inflated. The most successful other than this was Seoul in 1988 where 13 medals (including 3 gold) were won.

Which is Australias famous sports?

The rugby Union is Australia's most famous sport.

What are some of Australias most famous inventions?

|Boomerangs,kangroos and double -engine aeroplanes...

How many medals did Mongolia win in the 2012 Olympics?

This was Mongolia's most successful Olympics, winning the total of five Olympic medals (2 silver and 3 bronze),