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46664 (four, triple six, four) is a series of AIDS charity concerts played in honour of Nelson Mandela by South African musicians in the 2000s

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Q: When was 46664 adopted and worn by the Springbok rugby team?
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What provinces did the springbok rugby team members play for?


What Springbok rugby team was Darius Botha in?

The 1981 team that toured New Zealand

What is the nickname of the south African rugby union team?

The south African rugby team are called the Springboks

Who was vice captain of 1995 springbok rugby team?

Hannes Marais

What is the name of the south African national rugby team?

South Africa RFU is nicknamed "The Springbok"

Where can one find information regarding SpringBok?

You can find information regarding SpringBok on Wikipedia, especially Wikipedia .za which is the South African site. The SpringBok is highly appreciated in South Africa and the rugby team is named after the animal.

South Africa's rugby team is still named for what antelope which once symbolized the nation under apartheid?


What has the author Mark Keohane written?

Mark Keohane has written: 'Champions of the world' 'Springbok rugby uncovered' -- subject(s): Rugby football, Rugby football coaches, South African Rugby Football Union, Springboks (Rugby team)

What team is Eddy Jones currently coaching?

He is currently working as advisor to the South African Springbok team at the rugby world cup. He had previously been working with the Samoan team.

What is south africas rugby team called?

Bafana BafanaBafana Bafana is the national football team of South Africa.

Which former Springbok represented Australia in the 1999 Rugby World cup?

Tiaan Strauss. He also played two seasons with the Cronulla Sharks league team.

How long has the springbok rugby teams logo been around?

The spring bok logo was not used on a jersey until 1906 when the SA team toured the UK