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Hitting the toe? You just need to try and groove your swing so you can hit the sweet spot or centre of the club. To get the ball up in the air, it may sound silly, you need to hit down on the ball. All the pros hit down on the ball to compress it and get it up in the air, the loft of the club is all that is needed to get the ball up.

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Q: When using irons 2-7 how can you stay under the ball and get it into the air when you are always hitting the to?
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Benefits of using forged irons?

The benefit of forged irons is that they have a far superior feel when hitting the golf ball, compared to cast clubs. They are manufactured with consistency throughout the club head to get the better feel.

When using irons 2-7 how can you stay under the ball and get it into the air when you are always hitting the top?

The club should be decending at impact with the ball. If you are topping the ball most likely you are hitting the ball on the up stroke. Not being rude but you would be doing yourself a great favor by taking a few lessons. If you topping it by using the irons you listed, that means that you lifting your head. Lifting your head is caused by making too big of a back swing (I can admit, that sometimes happens to me and I top it.) So the only way you will stop topping it is if you do a nice normal, not large back swing. But while you do this, make sure you drive you hips forward when coming through the ball. The ball will BLAST LIKE A ROCKET!

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You may have the ball too far up in your stance, or the clubs you are using are too weak for you, you could consider getting the faces bent shut a couple of degrees. However hitting irons higher will allow you to stop the ball quicker on the greens.

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Do people just use irons in a round of golf?

Yes - you can just just irons in a round of golf. There is no rule stating you need to use a driver or fairway wood. Using irons if you are new to golf is a good way to improve your game as they can be more forgiving than woods

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