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When you are about 70-80 pounds, or are strong enough to break a youth stick while shooting

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Q: When to stop using youth hockey stick?
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Is it true or false all the players on a hockey team can use their feet or bodies or stick to stop a ball?


What move do you do to come to a stop in figure skating and skiing?

In skiing, you can do the pie or the hockey stop. In figure skating, you can do the hockey stop, snowplow stop, and the t-stop.

How tall is a 77 flex senior hockey stick?

That's a little like asking "how tall is a blue house"? Since most Intermediate sticks stop at a flex of 67 (Bauer) one could assume a stick with a flex of 77 is a Senior stick. Most Senior sticks are 60 inches long.

Is it a penalty if you use your stick to stop the puck carrier that you are chasing by placing your stick over his with the toe of your stick on the ice and using pressure?

yes...probably because your disrupting him so it probably will be a penalty

How do you receive a ball in field hockey?

I am a field hockey player and i know of three ways to recieve a ball. One- lay the stick completly on the ground but only the edge, make sure the curved end is not on the ground. 2- turn ur stick to reverse stick and then put it down on the edge so the end of the curve is touching the ground and some of the handel. 3- For a more advanced stop, put ur stick straight, and lean it forward just a little

What does the back do in Hockey?

The back in hockey defends. They stop the hockey ball from going inside the goal. Just like the goal keeper. But if the backs stop the ball from going to near the D, they are good backs.

How do you repair a field hockey stick?

With duck tape or crazy glue! *Depending on the damage, a small amount of stick-repair resin (produced by some companies for the purpose) can be used to fill in worn-down areas or chips. Beyond this, there is no decent way to fix a stick, and you are better off getting a new one. To help prevent such damage, a small amount of the aforementioned stick-repair resin can be used to cover the hook (to stop wearing of the stickhead) and shaftguards can be applied to the stick to help stop chips occurring.

How does steven stamkos tape his hockey stick?

Start at the top and work down The edges of the tape will provide friction to stop one's hands slipping down the stick. If you start at the bottom and work up, there will be no resistance to such manual glissando.

What could stop the stick in a stick-shift to stop moving?

Bent shift tube or shift fork.

When did manon rheaume stop playing hockey?

In 2001

What do you called when you stop the puck in ice hockey?

A save

How do they track hockey player's ice time?

With a stop watch.