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You could always skate at the pond, or in really cold places like the ocean. Of course, you have to make sure that the ice is thick enough.

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Q: When there was no ice rink where do you skate?
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Where do people skate indoor and outdoor?

In an ice rink.

Is it possible to ice skate in Edinburgh?

you can ice skate on artificial ice anytime or an indoor ice rink if you want outdoor, has to be winter

Does r-way skate center have ice skating?

no its a roller rink

What is the term for a place where people go to ice-skate indoors?


Where can you buy waxed skate shoelaces?

Check with your local ice rink.

Where do figure skaters skate when there was no ice rink?

They skated on frozen rivers and lakes.

Were can you skate?

if you are some place cold you might be able to skate at an outdoor rink but whens its warm you can skate on rinks that use synthetic ice.

Where are some places to skate in Fall River Massachusetts?

In Fall River Massachusetts if one is looking to ice skate, there is an indoor skating rink called Driscoll Skating Rink, which is open every season to the public. Also the skating rink does ice Hockey games which are enjoyable.

How do you use skate in a sentence?

The three friends agreed that they would all skate at the new ice rink later in the day .