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No, not automatically. It is a 5-yard penalty. If the penalty moves the ball past the line to gain, then it is a first down.

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Q: When there is an offsides or encroachment does the offense get an automatic first down?
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Does the offense get a first down on an offsides penalty in football?

When the defensive player moves over the line of scrimage and touches an offensive player before the ball is hiked. It's when a defensive player moves over the line of scrimage before the ball is snapped. If he touches an offensive player it's known as encroachment.

If you have a personal foul call in football is it an automatic first down?

Yes. Regardless of whether the penalty yards would be enough for a first down, any personal foul penalty on the defense results in an automatic first down for the offense.

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If a defender takes an offensive player's helmet off is it a facemask in football?

Yes. If you remove a players helmet it is a 15 yard penalty. If you are defense and he is offense, it is an automatic first down.

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Can you score a goal in soccer from a goal kick and can there be offsides?

You can score a goal directly from a goal kick but only against the opponents. If you kick it into your own goal... ...and it did not leave the penalty area first, then the goal kick is rekicked. ...and it did leave the penalty area first, then play is restarted with a corner kick for the opponents. There can be no offside offense directly from a goal kick.

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