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The runner isn't awarded anything. If the fielder can get the ball in time, the runner can still be thrown out at second.

The runner is only awarded if the ball is thrown out of the playing field, such as the dugout or the stands. It is then declared a dead ball and is treated like a ground-rule double; The runner receives his extra base.

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When there are no outs the pitcher should always throw the ball to third base to get the lead runner. The third baseman now has the opportunity to throw to first for the double play as well.

If there is time you should always get the lead runner out. This keeps the force in play for the next batter.


This really depends on the level of Baseball you are playing and I guess to an extent what your coach wants you to do. However, in more advanced baseball (i.e professional or college), in this situation the pitcher should go to 2nd base and then to first for a 1-4-3 or 1-6-3 (depending on who covers 2nd on the throw) double play. In this situation you would have a runner on 3rd with 2 outs. In advanced levels of baseball this is an ideal position for the defense because you rely on the defense to get the out so the run wont score. If the pitcher goes to 3rd and then to 1st to try and get the double play you are 1. creating a longer throw from 3rd to 1st then you would have 2nd to 1st risking your chances at getting the double play. In most cases if you have a runner or 2nd or a runner on 3rd with 2 outs they will score on a base hit as they will run on contact --- so the pitcher should go to 2nd and then 1st for the easiest double play and leave the runner at 3rd (with the speed in professional baseball you are going to have a hard time getting a 1-5-3 double play, that being pitcher- to 3rd- to 1st)

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Q: When there are zero outs and runners on first and second and the ball is hit to the pitcher where should the throw be made?
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Can you intentionally walk a man when runners are on first and second base?


Only first base must be occupied for an infield-fly situation to exist?

False.An infield fly situation exists when A) there are less than two outs, and B) there are runners on first and second or runners on first, second, and third.

When is the infield fly rule put into effect?

When there are runners on first and second or first, second, and third with less than two outs.

How can a triple play occur without any fielder touching the ball after it leaves the pitcher's hand?

Runners on first and second. Batter pops it up and is out due to the infield fly rule. The runner on first passes the runner on second and is out. The remaining runner is hit by the pop fly. Unassisted triple play.

Balk at first base?

If a runner is on first, and the pitcher balks, he is awarded 2nd base. The balk rule was instituted to keep pitchers from deceiving the runners.

WHAT IS Runners moved up in baseball box score?

it means that all the runners move up a base, like runner on first move to second and the runner on second move up to third etc.

Who covers first base on a double play when the ball is hit to first baseman?

That depends on where the 1st baseman fields the ball. If the 1st baseman can field the ball, throw to second, and have enough time to get safely back to the base to catch the return throw, then (s)he will cover. If not, then it is the responsibility of the pitcher.

How do you get in first or second place running a 400 meter race?

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If batter hits high bouncer to pitcher with runners on third and second and the pitcher holds runner on third then throws to first and the batter is safe is this a hit or error by pitcher?

Most likely it is neither a hit nor an error. In most cases this would be scored a "Fielder's Choice". It could be a hit if, in the scorers judgement, the batter would have beat the throw to first had the pitcher not hesitated to hold the runner. It would not be an error unless the pitcher bobbled or misplayed the ball. To clarify, a "Fielder's Choice" can be recorded even if an out is not registered.

How do you get an unassisted triple plays in Baseball?

On a hit and run play, runners on first and second, the batter hits a line drive to the second baseman, he makes the catch for the first out tags the first base runner for the second out and steps on second for the third out.

In a race with 8 runners what is the probability of predicting the first second and third place finishers?

One in 336

What does the Baseball term ducks on the pond mean?

two men on base, runners in scoring position second and first, second and third and especially on the corners third and first base