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Q: When the place was packed full the undertaker he slid around in his black gloves with his softy soother-ing ways putting on the last touches and getting people and things all ship-shape and comfortabl?
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When is undertaker getting out of the hosptial?

He isn't in the hospital

Who is undertaker meried with?

he is married to a woman named sara, but it is rumored that they are getting a divorce and the undertaker is now dating Michelle mccool

Any idea of when The Undertaker will come back?

Any idea when The Undertaker will come back? Without him on the show I'm getting bored.

Is there a video of the Undertaker getting buried alive?

Yes, there is one or two on youtube.

When is the undertaker coming back to WWE 2010?

wwe sumerslam 2010 he is not injured he is getting liposuction (PS..... he is getting surgry)

Did undertaker object to getting pinned by one foot by the great khali?

Pro Wrestling is not a sport

Is Kane better than the undertaker?

It depends... Kane is taller and weighs more while undertake is more known. Undertaker has more experience and I think is better. Undertaker has won more titles but Kane is more capable of getting in peoples heads. I say Undertaker is better, because Kane gets distracted and frustrated easily.

Does Michelle mccool have kids?

No she doesn't have kids yet, but She is getting married to The Undertaker,Aka Mark Callaway.

How did mark callaway get the name undertaker?

he named himself the undertaker in wrestling but if he's not in wrestling his name is Mark Callaway

Is undertaker getting old?

he is 45 he still has alot of yrs left so DONT WORRY lol he is NOT very old

Who injuerd the undertaker?

In most cases, Undertaker injures himself. Don't forget that the Undertaker is getting older like the rest of us, yet he is using the same moves he was using back in his early days in the WWE (WWF back then even). And it's not only The Undertaker... Shawn Michaels is pretty old (sorry Shawn lol) too and is still doing all that intensive wrestling. Result: serious injuries at some times.

Is undertaker really in vegetative state?

Of course not. its just part of the story line. Undertaker is not. he is just getting a tattoo removed on his neck of his X wife sara...if you have any other questions. email me. i know everything there is to know about wwe.