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No. Once a goalkeeper establishes control of the ball, no opposing player may interfere with goalkeepers ability to release the ball back into play. Bouncing the ball and catching prior to kicking or throwing is not considered release it into play. However, if the keeper loses control of the ball, it may be played by any player.

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Yes you can. Obviously you just have to make sure that the ball gets around the goalie and into the goals to give you a score. As well as making sure you shoot from inside the circle.

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Q: When the goalie catches the ball can the player run up and kick it in the goal?
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If a goalie catches a ball and fall back into the goal is that a point?

If the goalkeeper catches the ball and if the entire ball crosses the line, it is deemed a goal.

What determines whether a goalie kicks or punts the ball?

If the ball goes wholly and completely over the goal line - but NOT in the goal - and is last touched by the attacking team - it is a goal kick from the 6 yard line. If the goalie catches the ball and controlls it off of the ground - then he can then throw or punt it - it is his choice!! And if the goalie accidentally throws or punts it into his own goal - it is NOT a goal - it is a corner kick - because goalie punts are indirect and must touch another player before going into ANY goal!!!! If the goalie punts it and it bounces off another player and THEN goes it his own goal - it is a goal!!!!!

Which sport needs the least grip?

Probably soccer or futbol because the only time the ball is ever gripped by a player is when either the ball is being thrown back inbounds or the goalie catches the ball to prevent a goal.

What is a lacrosse goalie?

The player who stands in the crease of the goal and blocks the lacrosse ball from being scored into the goal.

What is the term in soccer when a player moves the ball into the goal post past the goalie?


What is the term in soccer for when a player moves the ball into the goal post past goalie?


What is it called when the defence puts the ball into play in soccer?

when the ball goes out and the goalie kicks it its called a goal kick. When the goalie catches it and kicks it its called a punt.

In soccer is it a goal if the goalie goes in the goal with the ball?

Yes. If the ball completely crosses the goal line, it's a goal.

Can a goalie go into the goal net with ball in his hand?

Yes. But if the ball also goes into the goal it will be a goal for the opposing team.

Goal kick in soccer?

You get a goal kick when the other team kicks the ball off the field where your goal is...then you put the ball on one of the corners of the goalie box and the goalie kicks it as hard as they can down the field

Could you ever kick the ball to your goalie?

Yes, you can kick the ball to your goalie/goal keeper. However, if you kick your ball into your net, your team will be very mad at you because you will have given the other team a point. If you are kicking to goalie, make sure the goalie can catch the ball in order to kick or throw it far away from your goal.

If goalie has foot in the goal area but ball is out side goal?

This is not a goal, the only thing that matters is the ball. For a goal to be scored the whole ball must have crossed the line.