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the uniform style did not change but the logo went from an "a" to a "c"

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Q: When the flames relocated to Calgary from atlanta they became the only team to ever retain their team name flames what other fact is unique to the Calgary Flames during this move?
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Where did the Calgary flames move from?

The Atlanta Flames moved from Atlanta Georgia to Calgary and became the Calgary Flames in 1980

Who was the first Calgary Flames coach?

Bernie (Boom Boom) Geoffrion was the first coach in franchise history (back in Atlanta). Al MacNeil became the first "Calgary" coach (and third coach in team history) when the team relocated to Calgary. That said, the best Calgary coach was Badger Bob Johnson, nobody can dispute that!

Chelios became the oldest defense man to score a shorthanded goal against what team?

Calgary Flames

Was jarome iginla assistant captain of the Calgary Flames before becoming captain?

No he became captain right away after inpressing his coaches

How many Canadian NHL teams is or was there?

Current teams: Calgary Flames - formerly Atlanta Flames Edmonton Oilers Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators (2) Toronto Maple leafs Vancouver Canucks Winnipeg Jets (2) - formerly Atlanta Thrashers Relocated teams: Colorado Avalanche - formerly Quebec Nordiques Phoenix Coyotes - formerly Winnipeg Jets (1) Defunct teams: Quebec Bulldogs - formerly Hamilton Tigers Montreal Maroons Montreal Wanderers Ottawa Senators (1) - became St. Louis Eagles before disbanding after 1934 season

Who do the braves belong to Boston or atlanta?

The Braves organization has not been a part of Boston. They left Boston after the 1952 season and went on to be the Milwaukee Braves. After the 1965 season they relocated and became the Atlanta Braves which they still are today.

When did Calgary became a city?

Calgary was established in 1875: it became incorporated as a city in 1894.

What year was Calgary founded?

Fort Calgary, the North-West Mounted Police fort that became the start of the City of Calgary, was built in 1875.

When did the Atlanta Braves start?

They moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta and became known as the Atlanta Braves before the 1966 season.

When did the Milwaukee braves change to the Atlanta braves?

The Milwauke Braves moved and became the Atlanta Braves in 1966

Why did the Hartford whales go out of the NHL in 1997?

The Hartford Whalers were relocated to North Carolina and became the Carolina Hurricanes.

What nfl football team has never changed its name?

In 1996 the Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore and became the ravens.

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