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It is called an ace.

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Q: When the ball is served to the other team and no one touches it what is it called?
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A served ball that leads directly to a point for the serving team in volleyball is called a what?

If the served ball lands in bounds on the other side of the court, and the team that served didn't get the ball returned, or the returned ball came over the net, but landed out of bounds, the move is called an ace.

Is there a rule in the MLB rule book that says if a fielder touches a foul ball but does not catch it is fair?

No. The umpire calls the ball fair or foul based on where the ball is when the fielder touches it. If the ball is in foul territory when it is touched, the ball is called foul.

What are the volleyball had signals?

4 touches on one side, step over serving line, touches ball before it goes out, ball goes out on other side

What is a net ball?

A net ball is on any shot that it goes in the net. A let ball is when you are serving and it hits the net but the ball goes in therefore re-serving.

What is it called when a person touches the ball while in the hoop?

Goaltending: A referee calls goaltending when a defensive player illegally interferes with a shot. If the defensive player touches the ball as it makes its downward path to the basket, touches the ball while it is on the rim, or touches the rim or net itself as the ball is being shot, the offensive team receives the basket

What is a ball or cake of deep fried chickpeas served with pitta bread called?

The ball itself is usually called a falafel ball. The serving of a pita containing falafel balls, vegetables, and often some other ingredients is called a falafel.

A kick by the goalkeeper who holds the ball in his hands?

If the keeper drops the ball and then kicks it before it touches the ground, it is called a punt.

What is a kickball in basketball and when does it apply?

If the ball touches a person foot while in play the other team receives the ball

Is the batter out if he touches someone before he reaches first base after hitting the ball or being forced to first on a walk?

After a walk, no. After hitting the ball, no, unless when he "touches" someone he is interfering with a play on a batted ball, in which case he could be called out for interference.

What is a deadball in softball?

A dead ball is when the play stops for one reason or another.A live ball becomes dead when: The ball touches an antenna or touches the net outside the part of the net directly above the sidelines.The ball does not cross the net completely WITHIN the antennas.The ball hits the floor, wall, curtain, or backboard.The ball hits the ceiling and lands on the defending team's side.A player commits a fault.A served ball contacts an object (wall, antenna).The first or second referee blows a whistle, for whatever reason.

How teams are penalised in volley ball?

Either:a) the other team is awarded a point (if they served)b) the other team is awarded the ball and given the serve (if the team at fault served)

Is the white side lines on a ping pong table out of bounds?

Yes. The entire surface of the table is in-bounds.