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It would called as 'let' and server gets another chance to serve.

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Q: When the ball hits the top of the net on the first serve and goes in what would be the call in tennis?
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Why do tennis players have a ball in their pocket?

they carry the extra ball so if they fault their first serve they have the ball ready for the second serve.

Who was the first person to serve the ball over 100mph in tennis?


What is meaning of serve in tennis?

To serve in tennis, is to hit a tennis ball with your racquet, aiming to score against an opponent.

How is a tennis ball useful in tennis?

The tennis ball is sized and constructed to work with the tennis rackets. It is pretty much essential because its handling determines the scoring. Without a ball, you cannot have a legal serve. If you do serve an imaginary ball, the first volley will go on forever, with spectacular recovery shots made on both sides of the net.

What do we serve that we don't eat?

a tennis ball

What do you serve that you cannot eat?

A tennis ball.

What you can serve cannot eat?


How To Serve In Tennis?

To serve in tennis, get a ball, hold the chopper grip on a racket, throw the ball slightly in front of you while swinging your racket onto you shoulder and hit the ball!

What can you serve but you can never eat?

Tennis ball or Vollyboll

What can you serve but never eat?

A tennis ball!

Can the ball bounce before the serve in tennis?

no, a serve must be hit from out of the air

What is advantage of volley in tennis?

well volleying is were you hit the ball back and forth to see who is going to have the ball to serve first. - that's why they say volley for serve. So that advantage of that would be having the first opportunity to be able to gain a point on your opponent. If you are not the serving team you do not gain a point. You only have the chance to then serve the ball yourself.

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