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Q: When the author says that baseball still sported a less-than-spotless reputation he means that?
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What has the author Peter Sheldon Green written?

Peter Sheldon Green has written: 'Reputation Is Everything'

Who was the first American author to gain an international reputation for his creative work?

Washington irving! :D

Which best explains why the author includes this information in the rising action?

To emphasize the importance of reputation. I did the test and an extra answer

What has the author louis Marder written?

louis Marder has written: 'His exits and entrances; the story of shakespeares reputation'

Surname of the modern author who played an important role in securing the reputation of Beowulf as an important literary document?


What has the author Polly Morris written?

Polly Morris has written: 'Defamation and sexual reputation in Somerset, 1733-1850'

What has the author Ryan Bowd written?

Ryan Bowd has written: 'Assessing a financial value for a corporate entity's reputation'

How did novels become so powerful?

its starts of by the author having a good reputation in his/her books adn a lot of money to publish them.

What has the author Juan Jose Suarez Coppel written?

Juan Jose Suarez Coppel has written: 'On debt, defaults, and reputation'

What has the author Donald M Berwick written?

Donald M. Berwick has written: 'The reputation of Jonathan Swift, 1781-1882'

Which question would be least helpful in evaluating an opinion piece or editorial?

Evaluating an editorial or an opinion piece is the name of the author, although the qualifications of the author should be of good reputation.

What author wrote an essay about the poem Beowulf in the 20th century reviving the poems reputation and then imitating it in his own works.?

Mark Twain