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In the 12th century, tennis was first hit by the ball with the hand.

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The ball was hit with the hand when it was first created by European monks in 14th century.

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Q: When tennis was first created what was the ball hit with?
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Who hit first ball at Wimbledon?

A tennis player

Can you hit a tennis ball that is not on your side?

Yes and no. You cannot usually hit a tennis ball that is not on your side, but if the ball bounces on your side first and, when it bounces, spins back to the opponent's side of the court, you may hit it before it bounces again.

How do you hit a ball in tennis?

You swing your racket at the ball

What part of the tennis racquet makes contact WITH the tennis ball?

When you hit a tennis ball with a tennis racquet, you want the ball to contact the sweet spot of strings.

What do you hit with the racquet?

A tennis ball?!

Whats the little thing you hit with the tennis racket?

A tennis ball

What part of the ball do you hit to hit an inside out forehand?

hi, i am an experience tennis player, and you have to hit the inside of the tennis ball. this way, you can get the spin that will make the ball spin outwrds. i hope this was helpful. rebecca

What is tresspassing in Tennis?

it is when ou hit the ball

How are football and tennis the different?

In tennis you hit the ball with a racket in football you kick the ball and are not aloud to pick the ball up in the match unless your a goalie.

What is the speed of a serve in table tennis not tennis?

It depends on how hard you want to hit the ball

When is aerobic and anaerobic respiration used in tennis?

when you run and try to hit the tennis ball

Why people hit to play table tennis?

Playing table tennis involves hitting a ball.