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Q: When should the referee allow for a quick free kick to be taken instead of requiring a ceremonial free kick?
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What does an assistant referee need to know?

An assist referee should know all about football. He should know as much as the referee so that if the referee is blinded or very far away the assistanat referee could give decession after consulting with the referee.

Can you correct the sentence 'BCB services are appealing the referee decision.'?

Most likely it should read "...referee's decision."

How should soccer players address the referee?


Can the sidelines referee give cards?

No, they can't. Only referees can give cards. However, a sideline can suggest to th referee that a player should be booleed or sent off. But the referee takes the final decision

Who was the referee in the england-germany world cup match?

It was a stupid blind referee from Uruguay called Jorge Larrondo , who should retire at once.

How officials communicate in badminton?

if the referee tells the player stop the player should do what the referee says

What is The role of the spare referee?

The 4th official manages the technical areas and substitutions. He is qualified to take the place of the center referee or either assistant referee if they should be injured or otherwise unable to continue the match. He is expected to provide information to the referee in case something occurs that the referee missed just as the assistants are. The referee can and will make decisions not only on what he sees but also on what the assistants and the 4th official see.

What are the qualities of a good officials or referee in basketball?

A good quality of a basketball referee is to read the play, if a player gets a small foul but does not fumble the ball a good referee will not call the foul. Another good quality a referee has to have is good communication skills, a referee should use his voice more than his wistle to keep the game flowing

Should video referee be introduced to soccer?

Yes it should have been introduced long ago.

How would you use maverick in a sentence?

The soccer referee should be a maverick.

Why should a player be able to argue with referee about bad call?

they shouldn't

When does a hockey referee call a shoot out to end a tie game instead of a period of overtime?

Usually the referee isn't allowed to skip the overtime and go straight to shootout. It should follow immediately after the overtime if no one scored. Unless you saw a specific case where something else happened :/ otherwise I did not think that the ref's can do that Hope this helped!! XD