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Q: When running and jumping to score a basketball player seemsto hang in the air because?
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What percent of commission from a 3000 sale?

Depends on what company you work for, how nice they are to their salesmen,what your quota was for the month, etc. I'm only an engineer, but it seemsto me like you should have gotten that arranged before you accepted the job.

What could be a short description about the poet peter stavropoulos?

WITHIN YOUR EYES ------Beauty liesWithin your eyesI can't speakOf what I seekIts mysteryA majestyNo purpose seemsTo fit dreamsBeneath the lidYour eyes hidBy Peter StavropoulosPeter's website is .

Why does an object weigh different when it is falling?

The force of gravity on the object does in fact stay almost constant, although there is a negligible increase with growing proximity to the earth. An object that is in freefall seemsto be weigh less - in fact nothing - because there is no opposition to gravity. A force is a push or a pull, but we feel forces only when two or more forces push and squash us, or pull us apart. You wouldn't mind an elephant sitting on your head provided their was no ground to be crushed against - likewise with the weighing scale in free fall. There is no ground to push back against it and compress its springs; there is no reaction force, which is what the scale really measures.

A girlin myclass seemsto likeme sheask formy number then things got well until you ask her about if were frnds orlovers she said jst frnds soyoustart ignoringher whenshe seemewithgirlshe get jealous?

You shouldn't ask her about being friends or lovers like that. If you like someone then you always start as a friend. Obviously she likes you so why ignore her ? I thought it was girls that play hard to get ! She does not understand you but likes you ! If you like her then be a friend to her and see where it goes in time.

How many changes were done to the constitution since 1960?

The Patriot Act is changing it more and more! Taking away rights of 6 year old boys with the "No Fly Law," because he seemsto be a terrorist! He is 6 years old! The Executive Branch is becoming paramount over our judicial branch and is changing the country we live in today. Our founding father signed this document with Americas laws in 1787 and NOTHING should be changed from it. Those men founded this country and they had the right to sign this document and make up all of the rules on it. Without those men our recent government would not even be here. They SHOULD NOT have the right to change aything at all. GET RID OF THE PARTIOT ACT AND ALL OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCHES AUTHORITY TO DETAIN WITHOUT CHARGE OR TO SEARCH WITHOUT PROBABLE CAUSE! -16yrs old. LV, NV.

Should Iran attack Israel with nuclear weapons would they also destroy Palestine?

No. Iran and Israel should be countries that are at peace with one another, as they were prior to 1979. Additionally, no country should use nuclear weapons in combat; they are horrible devices.===================================Answer #2:I think the questioner used the word "Should" as a form of "If", asking whether a nuclearattack on Israel would have adverse effects on the Palestinian territories too. It seemsto me that it's a certainty, upon which one could safely wager.Nuclear explosions are incredibly dirty. The fireball itself is a source of intense radiation,and every particle of sand or soil that the explosion kicks up becomes radioactive, andspreads radiation wherever the wind takes it. Observers of the first successful atomicbomb test in New Mexico in 1945 were in a safe bunker almost 6 miles from the explosion,and even some of THEM contracted radiation sickness.The longest possible straight line inside Israel is barely 260 miles long, and there are placeswhere the country is only 9 miles wide. Wherever in the country a nuclear device were to bedetonated doesn't much matter. If the wind blows in one direction, death rains on the West Bankand Jordan, and if it blows in the other direction, Gaza becomes a Palestinian graveyard.

How many stars are in outer space and the galaxy?

Astronomers estimate that there is about a centillion (10^303) stars in the observableUniverse. That is to say the portion of the Universe that we can see. More than likely,there are even more than that, but we are still counting.====================================Answer #2:I was in the neighborhood, happened to see Answer #1, and stopped in to say thatI have a problem with that number.-- Estimates of the number of stars in the Milky Way (our galaxy) are in the range of200-400 billion.-- Compared to other galaxies that we can observe, the Milky Way (our galaxy) seemsto be bigger than average, and have more stars than average.-- Estimates of the number of galaxies that we can see range up to maybe 100 billion.Let's generate an unreasonably huge estimate of the total number of stars in the presentlyobservable universe ... one that we can be sure is too big. Let's assume that ...-- The number of stars in the Milky Way (our galaxy) is at the highest end of the estimatedrange ... 400 billion.-- Instead of the Milky Way (our galaxy) being bigger than average, assume that every galaxyhas as many stars as the Milky Way (our galaxy) has ... 400 billion.-- Instead of only maybe 100 billion galaxies, let's assume that there are as many other galaxiesas there are stars in every galaxy ... 400 billion.Then the total number of stars would be (400 billion)2 = only a mere 1.6 x 1023, NOT 10303 .And besides that ... How can Answer #1 start by saying "Astronomers estimate that . . ."and then go on to say "More than likely there are even more than that ..." ? Who says ?Another answer: I more or less agree with the previous answer. The estimateI am familiar with is "about 1022 stars".