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Q: When playing back to back sports can you become more vulnerable to colds?
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What do athletes do that makes them more likely to get coughs and colds?

Endurance sports, like long-distance running, put your body under a lot of stress. This can weaken your immune system and stop your body fighting off illness as well as it should. The strain of long training sessions makes top athletes more vulnerable to coughs and colds. (hope that helps!) :D

Can a person become immune to common cold viruses?

Repeated exposure to viruses causing colds creates partial immunity.

Does eating jelly give toddlers colds?

No, Colds are caused by a virus.

B12 for colds?

Yes, vitamin B12 is the home remedy for the colds.

Can you catch a cold from a change in temperature?

No. You don't get colds from the temperature. You get colds from viruses.

Are wolves able to get colds?

Im not sure that they can catch colds but I know animals can get sick.

Do cold tablets get rid of colds?

I do not think they get rid of colds but they help in cold symptoms.

Can you catch colds of pets?

I don't think so but pets can catch colds from humans.

Can vampires get colds?


What are colds and flues caused by?

colds and flues are caused by bugs and viruses and tiny little specs.

What is the Hindi word for colds?

Colds as in caught a cold is Zukhaam Cold as in feeling cold is Tandd.

Can rhinitis be prevented?

There is no vaccine effective against colds, and infection does not prevent one from getting colds.