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rucks, mauls, scrums lineouts

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Q: When phases in rugby can possession be contested?
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What does possession mean in tag rugby?

Possession means to have the ball.

Where was the first rugby union international contested?

Australia and New Zealand

The Bledisloe Cup is competed for in rugby between.and.?

The Bledisloe Cup is contested by the Australias rugby union team and New Zealands rugby union team.

Did there used to be a limit to the number of phases in rugby union?

no this has never happened

What international rugby competition involves only new zealandand Australia?

The Bledisloe cup is contested only between Australia and New Zealand in the Rugby Championship( formerly the Tri Nations)

Which two clubs contested the 2009 Heinekin Rugby Union Final?

Leicester 16 Leinster 19: Heineken Cup final 2009

What is a Attack in rugby?

This occurs when one team has possession of the ball and are moving toward the oppositions try line with intent to score. It can also occur when the team who does not have possession of the ball is close to the opponents try line. The team in possession has to defend that possession.

No Side in a rugby game?

Throughout the game either one side or the other has possession of the ball. At the end of the game the referee calls "no side" to indicate that neither side has possession of the ball thereafter.

How a rugby team re-gains possession of the ball?

If the other team makes a mistake such as forward pass, knock-on or they kicked the ball away in rugby league the opposing team gains possession of the ball. It is the same in the union code but there are rucks, mauls, line-outs and scrums which can give the defending team opportunities to gain possession.

Which 2 teams contested the rugby union world cup final in 2011?

It was new Zealand and France - New Zealand won 8-7

Who is the triple crown between in rugby?

It is contested annually by the national teams of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Ireland in 2009 were the latest to win the competition

When can referee order uncontested scrums?

In a contested scrum the two teams try to push the other off the ball to gain possession. In an uncontested scrum no pushing is permitted. This rule is usually invoked when a player in the scrum has sustained an injury. In international rugby, this rule is very rarely used as the injured player would normally be substituted.