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Q: When one team in a tug of war pulls harder on the rope than the other team does the forces are?
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What is the secret behind winning a tag of war contest?

Pull harder on your end of the rope than the opposing team pulls on theirs.

What type of wave is created if a student ties a rope on a doorknob and pulls the other end and flips the rope up and down?

A stationary transverse wave would be created.

What do French people believe pulls Santa's slay?

The people in France believe that santa pulls his sleigh with a rope. If this rope happens to break, then his elephants will then pull his sleigh

What is the physics definition of unbalanced?

Unbalanced forces produce a non-zero net force, which changes the object's direction. Imagine a tug of war: if the forces are balanced, the center of the rope will not move; with unbalanced forces, the team pulling harder will win.

When you are skipping with a skipping rope what pulls you back down?

Gravity and momentum.

Which force happens when a rope or chain is pulled harder in two different directions?

You get a tension in the chain or rope.

If a book is hanging from a rope are the forces balanced or unbalanced and why?

The forces at work are balanced. Gravity is pulling the book (and the rope) down, and the rope exerts an equal and opposite force to keep the book suspended.

What are some examples of balaced force and unbalanced force?

One force is never balanced or unbalanced. Two or more forces are balanced if their magnitudes and directions are such that they add up to no force at all. An example is: Two people in a tug-of-war. Each person pulls the rope as hard as he can, and the rope doesn't move ... just as if there were no force on it at all. If the forces don't add up to zero, then they're unbalanced. An example is: Two people pulling in the same direction on the same end of the rope.

Tina and her puppy are tugging on a rope each pulling on opposite ends. When is Tina doing work the entire time she plays with the puppy whenever she pulls the puppy toward her when she holds the rope?

whenever she pulls the puppy toward her W = F·d (work = force x distance), so unless she is moving the puppy she is not doing any work. When she just holds the rope, d=0 so W is also 0 While she is play with the puppy she is actually having a combination of work done on the rope (when she allows the puppy to pull the rope towards it), zero work (when she just exerts enough force to keep the rope from moving) and doing work (when she pulls the rope and puppy towards her)

What is the name of the force on a rope when both ends are pulled in opposite directions?

Pulling is the main force in ropes, as you pullthe rope.

Wedgies hurt how do you give mself one?

Find a item that you can put a rope over. Then take the rope and hook it to your underwear. Finally pull step forward pull harder andstep back tie both ends of the rope to each other pull it tight. There you GO!!!!

What is most important in winning a tug-of-war pulling harder on the rope or pushing harder on the floor?

Both needs equal and opposite power. If the rope slippery, then holding the rope will be more important. If the floor is slippery, then floor not getting slipped is more important.