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It would depend on how your league scores each match. For example, if a team is awarded one point per game and one point for the total number of pins the team would be awarded four points due to the forfeit. Also, if a team arrives with less than two team bowlers than technically they are to forfeit their match for the week.

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how do I score it for the week
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Q: When one bowling team forfeits in a league game - does the other team automatically win 4 games?
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At the end of a ten pin bowling season if the first place team is 9 games ahead of everyone else does the team automatically win first place?

Depends on the league rules. Some leagues have playoffs among the top 2-4 teams.

Can a sanctioned bowling league be 2 games?

There are no rules pertaining to the number of games a league bowls each session / week. By default, three games are bowled. Some youth leagues will only offer two or one games for very young bowlers.

What so Lamar's bowling scores are 124150 and 161 during league competition. if Lamar's previous bowling average was 129 then how much higher was average for these three games?

16 points higher.

When does the sanction card need to be filled out for bowling leagues?

It is suppose to be filled out and paid for prior to bowling. Technically, games bowled prior to payment and card completion could be forfeited in a sanctioned league.

How to figure out your bowling average?

If you are a league bowler, the league secretary as well as house secretary can verify your average. There is also a yearbook which is put out every year. If your league is sanctioned then you will have a yearbook average. To obtain a yearbook ask your league secretary or the Front Desk Attendant to help you.

What is a bowling round called?

There is no solid definition for a round of bowling. There is a game of bowling. Three games is referred to as a series. In league bowling, usually that nights "round" of bowling consists of three games per bowler or one series.

Who watches bowling?

A "good" bowler will watch other bowlers practice to prepare for league games. Many people watch bowling. From people who are fans of the sport to those who just enjoy watching the best at their sport compete.

How are bowling averages calculated?

Simple enough for a tournament, you just divide all of your scores by the amount of games you play. If you bowl a league you can usually find your total pinfall somewhere on the league sheet. If you add your series for this week plus your total pinfall and divide by the total games including this week you get your average.Bowling averges are calculated by dividing total pins by number or games bowled.

What is a bowling series?

total pinfall of three games of bowling (max: 900)

What bowling games are made of ten of them?

There are 10 "frames" in a game of bowling.

Where to find free bowling games?

Go to work for a bowling alley.

How do you compute average cost per game of bowling?

Divide the total money spent for bowling games by the number of games bowled. I.E. If you spent $9 for bowling games and bowled 9 games, the average cost is $1.00.