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Q: When milkman at the age of twelve visits pilate for the first time what is her effect on him?
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Is Mt Olympus a large part of Grecian Economy?

Tourist visits to Mount Olympus account for a large share of the visitor dollar. However, the visits do not have a major effect on the economy.

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Yes, legally at the age of twelve a child can choose which parent he / or she wants to live with and visits with.

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Scientific bases and their impact on antarctica?

the impact is mainly cameron. our predesecors have left rubbish their after visits. and they are making an effect on the soil and ther animals.

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Verb. A NOUN is a person, place, thing or idea while a VERB is a action word

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Autumn Visits was created in 1995.

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Tourism is the 'main cause' of visits to Antarctica.