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Q: When matching athletes for competition your biggest concern should be their?
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What is the biggest concern when matching athletes for competition?

athletic potential

What was Lincoln's biggest concern bofore and during the civil war?

His biggest concern was whether or not he could keep the country to stay together

What is the biggest concern after flood damage occurs?

The biggest concern is if you have flood insurance and if so will everything be covered. You want to check your policy if you experience a home flood.

What is the biggest concern regarding the stability of these bridges?


Common Neurological disorders in sports persons?

Concussions are, by far and away, the biggest concern in athletes, especially those in contact sports (not just boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), but also football, ice hockey and soccer (headers).

What is the biggest security concern regarding data management?

The biggest security concern regarding data management is the loss of information. You can find more information at

What is the biggest concern with the assignment of a city manager?

Crime and violence

What greatest health concern in Canada?

the biggest health concer is weight ------ Many Canadians see themselves as Americans and their concern is weight. In Canada our biggest concern is Cancer, the #1 killer after the age of 30, and accident/suicide for those under 30. Weight is more of an imported concern though many Canadians do struggle with it and there is a significant industry serving that concern.

What are the priorities that the organisers have had to concern themselves with in regard to the well being of all athletes?

The Priorities are: Transport, Food and Smog.

What is the main concern of athletes competing at commonwealth games?

The two main concerns are Dengu fever spreading, and terrorism.

What is the biggest enviromental concern to puerto rico?

the global threat of 21st centry

What is the possible outcome of an antibrow piercing?

Outside of mutilating your body, the biggest concern is infection.