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Well, say that there is a red team and a blue team. (Team R and Team B) And, Team R's forward player is exactly in line with the last defender of Team B. Then, the ball is kicked right in the middle of those two players, and goes past them. If Team R gets to the ball, it is not considered offsides. I hope that helps! I know that one time we lost a game because the referee called my goal offsides, when it completely wasn't! The offsides rule gets very frustrating, and can work with or against your team.

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You cannot be in an offside position when...

you are on your own half of the field

you are further from the opposing goal line than the 2nd last opponent (or even with)

you are further from the opposing goal line than the ball (or even with)

You cannot be guilty of an offside offense...

directly from a throw-in

directly from a goal kick

directly from a corner kick

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You cannot be called offside if, at the moment the ball was last played by a teammate, you were nearer to your own goal than the ball or the second-last defender or the halfway line. You also cannot be called offside directly from a goal kick, kick-off, corner kick, or throw-in. Finally, you cannot be called offside, even if you are in an offside position during play, if you do not become involved in the play by playing the ball, interfering with an opponent, or gaining an advantage from that position. Naturally, you cannot be called offside during a dead ball, or before or after a period of play, or when not actively participating in a match.

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Q: When is their an exception to the offsides rule in soccer?
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How can you break the rule in soccer?

A bad tackle, offsides, penalties, dissing the ref, handball, exesive celebrations, and saying Barcelona is Breyer than Madrid

What are the violations of soccer?

do you mean like handball, offsides, foul?

2 offences a player is likely to commit in soccer?

Offsides and obstruction

Is soccer the same as it was in the past?

Rules for goalkeepers and offsides have been changed.

What are some of the hazards for soccer?

Hand Balls, offsides, and throw ins

Why was the offside rule introduced?

Without the offsides rule defenders could bomb the ball all the way across the field, pass the other teams defenders. Then a forward or striker could easily tap the ball right pass the keeper for a easy goal. This strategy would be almost impossible to avoid being played on in pro soccer if offsides didn't existe as u spelled exist

What is the duration of Exception to the Rule?

The duration of Exception to the Rule is 1.63 hours.

What is a role of a official in soccer?

He tells the referee if it's offsides, judges if it's a corner kick or throw in, and fouls

When was Exception to the Rule created?

Exception to the Rule was created on 1997-04-05.

Should video technology be used in soccer?

No, it's a basic sport the only reason would be to review offsides calls

Are a players arms considered when judging offsides in soccer?

No. Only the parts of the body that can play the ball are considered in the offside determination.

Why you are no exception to the rule?

Rules apply to everyone, so when someone says, "You're no exception" or "You're no exception to the rule", they mean "The rule applies to everyone, even to you."