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Dissent is not allowed, by a coach, team captain, any player, or substitute before, during, or after a match.

If a team believes the Laws of the Game were misapplied, the league should have a dispute process in place to file the appropriate paperwork and a committee will evaluate it. Be prepared to quote the law in question and demonstrate how it was misapplied. Just disagreeing with a judgment call by the referee will not be enough.

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Q: When is the team captain permitted to dispute a referee decision in soccer?
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Does a soccer captain have the rights to question a refree?

That depends on how the captain goes about it. Keep in mind that no referee will ever change his desicion, NEVER EVER. So you have to ask yourself what is the point of approaching the referee at all? A captain doesn't really have the right, i'd word it more like he is afforded the luxury of approaching the referee. He or she can seek clarification on why a penalty was given however he must be very careful how he goes about it and he shouldn't ever question the referee's desicion only ask for clarification. The referee can simply dismiss his request for clarification and if the captain continues to push the issue he can be penalised.

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