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2012 season.

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Q: When is the next time the Green Bay Packers play the Tennessee Titans?
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When is the next time the Tennessee Titans play the Chicago Bears?


Does Green Bay packers have homefield advantage on the next two games?


Who is da Green Bay packers playing next week?

Maiami dolphins

When is the next green bay packers game?

The next game is August 17th 2013 at 8PM. It's a preseason game against the Rams but you can view their entire season schedule on the packers website.

What team will the Seattle Seahawks play next?

They play the Tennessee Titans in the first preseason game and then host the San Francisco 49ers in the first regular season game.

What year did the oilers leave Houston?

On September 11, 1994, the Dallas Cowboys edged the Houston Oilers, 20-17, in a contest played at Texas Stadium. The next time the two franchises played, on Thanksgiving Day in 1997, the Oilers had relocated and become the Tennessee Titans.

Which running back holds the record for most 100-yard rushing games in Packers history?

Ahman Green -33, next John Brockington-13

Who do the ravens play next?

The Tennesee Titans

Who is flynn's?

HE'S AWESOME!!!He's is the back up QB for the Green Bay Packers. He is learning and waiting to be the next greatest QB, After Aaron Rogers retires with grace.

When do the packers get their rings?

I think they get them at the beginning of next season.

Will Vince Young play for the titans next year?


What numbers are the packer Jerseys?

The Green Bay Packers have several peole on their team and im not going to list all of the people on the team and their number so you should go to and click on pro football. Then look up Green Bay Packers. Next click on their Roster and you can then see all of the people on the team and their number. Any questions?