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The next game of FCB vs RMA Sat, Dec 10, 6:00 am EST

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As of September 27, 2017, the next known game dates between Real Madrid and Barcelona, known as the El Clasico are:

December 20, 2017 - La Liga

May 6, 2018 - La Liga

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See their website below for dates and times of their upcoming fixtures.

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21th of august 2012

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Q: When is the next match between Barcelona and real Madrid?
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What were the football match results between Real Madrid and Barcelona for the last five years back?

29th November 2010: Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid 10th April 2010: Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 29th November 2009: Barcelona 1-0 Real Madrid 2nd May 2009 Barcelona 6-2 Real Madrid 13th December 2008 Barcelona 2-0 Real Madrid 7th May 2008: Barcelona 1-4 Real Madrid 23rd December 2007: Barcelona 1-2 Real Madrid 10th March 2007: Barcelona 3-3 Real Madrid 22nd October 2006 Barcelona 0-2 Real Madrid The next game is on the 17th April 2011.

What's the next upcoming match in Camp Nou?

The next match in Camp Nou is on Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 19:00 between FC Barcelona and Malaga. It will be Barcelona's final La Liga match of the season.

Will Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid be in the next league after being in the Superleague?


Will frank ribery play for real Madrid?

It is quite possible that he may play for Real Madrid, but Barcelona also want him next season.

Who will win Barcelona or real Madrid?

Barcelona won 5-0 over Real Madrid. Either team could of won this but no one expected a blowout. Barcelona is so stacked with a lot of Spain's best players and Messi on top of that. You will see for sure the next one will be fierce.

When is the next Barcelona match?

On Thursday 9 march 12:30 am On ten sports

What day did Real Madrid play Barcelona March?

13 December 2008 2 May 2009 29 November 2009 10 April 2010 29 November 2010 The next match will be on 17 April 2010.

What was the biggest score ever between Barcelona vs real Madrid?

Hugo Sanchez Mexican footbaler with 30 goals!

When and where is real Madrid vs galaxy going to?

The next match between them is going to on in August 2, 2012 at 7:30 pm pacific time zone at the Home Depot Center. for more information go to:

Will neymar come to real?

There is a very low chance he will. Real Madrid and Barcelona are big rivals, possibly the most famous rivals of all time. Neymar is a great player who is helping Barcelona to win games, trophies, and he scoring loads of goals along side messi! The chances of Barcelona selling a great player, possibly the next best player of the world, to their rivals is very slim. So, no.

When will be the next match for Triple H?

He will be in the next wrestlemania match 2012

Is kaka staying at real Madrid?

Yes, Kaka will be at Real Madrid for the next couple of seasons.