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The schedule for the 2010 season has not been finalized yet, but the season opener will be September 9 in New Orleans where the Saints will play an opponent yet to be named.

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Q: When is the next NFL season?
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Will there be an NFL season next year?

Yes, there will be

What does NFL player's do during off-season?

they trian for there next game

Is an NFL player placed on the injured reserve list out for the entire season?

Yes he can only comeback next season

Has any NFL team gone a whole season without a win?

no - not since the NFL season was expanded to 16 games. However Tampa Bay lost all 14 games in the 1976 season. It was their first season in the NFL. They went on to lose the first 12 games in the next (1977) season for an NFL record 26 consecutive games without a victory

Has any nfl team won the super bowl only to finish last the next season?


Is the salary for practice squad players for the NFL regular season?

Yes. All NFL salaries are paid over the regular season. There is a small amount of extra pay that NFL players get for the postseason but it is a pittance next to their regular compensation.

When does the NFL 2011 season start?

When does the NFL season start 2011

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Will there be a NFL 2011 season?

Of course...why wouldn't it be...if its not a NFL 2011 season the NFL will lose millions of dollars

How old is the NFL?

The 2009 season with be the NFL's 90th. Their first season was 1920.

How many games were in an NFL season in 1972?

An NFL season in 1972 consisted of 14 regular season games.

When was the last time NFL had two by weeks in a season?

The NFL season had two bye weeks in the 1993 season.

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