When is the next Haley's commit?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: When is the next Haley's commit?
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When is Haleys comet in 2010?

Its not.

What is the famous comet?


When was Haleys comet discovered?

Halley's comet was first seen in 1577 however it was not recognized as a comet. It was Edmund Halley that discovered it as a comet in 1705.

Is Emily Osment Haleys sister?

yes she is.

What is Haleys comets period of rotation?

75 years

Describe Haleys reaction to the Rosetta Stone?

He was happy..

Is the haleys comet evil?

No. Haley's Comet is an inanimate object.

What comet is visible on earth every 76 years?

haleys commet :)

What episode on One Tree Hill does Haleys mom die?


When was the hale-bopp comet and haleys comet visible together?


How many years does it take for Haleys comit to come by the earth?

10000 years

Who was edmond?

Edmond Haley was an astronomer, who predicted the return of what is now "Haleys Comet"