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The Men's Ice Hockey gold medal match of the 2010 Winter Olympics is on Sunday, February 28th; Canada vs USA.

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2010-02-27 21:47:37
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Q: When is the mens ice hockey final of the 2010 winter Olympics?
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Who won the gold metal for men's hockey winter Olympics in 2010?


Where can one find the hockey match between USA and Canada from the 2010 Winter Olympics?

When looking to find out information on where it may be possible to find a hockey match between USA and Canada from the 2010 Winter Olympics then it might be worth checking out the 2010 Winter Olympics article feature listed on the Sports ESPN website.

What ice hockey game had the most viewers?

mens gold 2010 winter Olympics

Which are the ice hockey teams participated in winter Olympics 2010?

Mens:CanadaSlovakiaRussiaUnited StatesFinlandSwedenCzech RepublicSwitzerlandGermanyBelarusLatviaNorwayWomens:CanadaSwedenSwitzerlandSlovakiaUnited StatesFinlandRussiaChina (Belive it or not)

What arena's were the 2010 Winter Olympics at Vancouver ice hockey games played in?

General Motors Place.

How many Medals did Sidney Crosby win at the Olympics?

Sidney Crosby won a gold medal in men's hockey in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He is on the team in the 2014 Olympics.

Is Sasha Cohen in the 2010 winter Olympics?

No, she is not going to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

What year were the Winter Olympics in Vancouve?

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver were in 2010.

Who scored the winning goal in the championship game of men's hockey in the winter Olympics 2010?

Cindy Crosby (Canada)

When do the Winter Olympics Start?

The 2010 winter Olympics start on the 12th of feb.

When do the winter Olympics 2010 finish?

On February 28th, the 2010 Winter Olympics ended.

How many medals has Sidney Crosby won in the Olympics?

Just one. In the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games for Ice Hockey; which is the only time he's competed in the Olympics, as he was not an established player in the 2006 winter olympics.

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