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After tine has ran out and u are still tied.

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Q: When is the international tie breaker started?
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Why does soccer have overtime?

Tie breaker

The probability that a tennis set will go to a tie breaker is 10 percent what is the probability that two of the three sets will go to a tie breaker?

The outcomes for each set is not independent. For a set to go into a tie breaker the players need to be very evenly matched. If they are, there is a greater probability that the sets will go into tie breaker. If you disregard that aspect of realitythen the answer is 0.0270, approx.

Is tie breaker really a candy bar?


What was the score of the Minnesota and Chicago tie breaker?

Chicago won the tie breaker game for the 2008 AL Central Division championship by the score of 1-0.

When does a tie-breaker occer?

at the end of a game when the game is tied

What if the teams remain tied after the tie breaker in soccer?

Tie games are usually decided by penalty kick shootouts.

What is played if the score at the end of a tennis set is tied?

a tie breaker!

Tie in softball?

When a regulation game ends in a tie, the International Tie Breaker rule is used. At the beginning of each team's at-bat the last batter from the previous inning is placed on 2nd base. It is not sudden death. Each team has an opportunity to bat each inning. The game ends when one team is ahead at the end of an inning.

What about a point system in a triple tie breaker in a volleyball game?

three teams have 1loss and 1 win ,how to do computation for triple tie breaker quotient system

Did India win the first T20 world cup over a tie breaker?


When was the last MLB regular season tie?

In 2009 the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers played a tie breaker which the Twins won.

What is one and half breaker system in electrical lines?

One and half breaker system is an improvement on the double breaker system to effect saving in the number of circuit breakers. For every 2 circuits, 1 spare breaker is provided: Two feeders are fed from two buses via their associated circuit breakers and these two feeders are coupled by a third circuit breaker which is called tie breaker. During failure of any of the two feeder breakers, the power is fed via the breaker of the second feeder and main breaker (tie breaker).