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Bowling is a year round event. There is usually a winter league and a summer league. There is also open (open to the public) all year round.

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Q: When is the bowling season in the US?
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What does off peak mean in bowling?

In bowling, off peak typically refers to the bowling season no longer being active. Peak season is when the bowling season is active and leagues are playing.

When does the ten pin bowling season start?

Usually bowling season for leagues starts at the end of Septembeb.

How long does bowling season last?

There isn't a definitive length of a bowling season, however for full season leagues, a 32 week or 36 week bowling season is very common. For half season leagues, 12-16 week seasons are common. During the spring or summer, it is common to see 10 week bowling seasons.

How many bowling alleys are there in the US?

There are approximately 3800 bowling centers in the US.

When does bowling season begin?

This depends where you are located and what league you are part of of. Most of the time, the season starts in spring but it can start any month considering that weather is not a factor in bowling. (Bowling is played inside!)

What is the most popular form of bowling in the US?

In the US, the most popular form of bowling is tenpin bowling. For more information on what tenpin bowling is all about:

Where is the US Bowling Congress?

The United States Bowling Congress (USBC), the santioning body over US bowling, is located in Arlington, TX.

What is the highest season bowling average?

Mike Scroggins... 256

What season is bowling played in?

It is mainly played in the winter as a sport

How many people in the US go bowling?

Approximately 45 million people participated in bowling in the US in a year.

Where does bowling rank in participated sports in us?

Bowling is the most participated sport in the US, followed by soccer and baseball.

When did cosmic bowling start in the US?

Cosmic bowling is a form of bowling that is done at night under black lights and loud music. People in the US have been cosmic bowling since the late 60's.

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