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Q: When is the best time for jogging and how long?
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When is the best time to go running?

The best time to go jogging/ running is in the morning. the worst time you could ever go jogging/running is at 4pm or later. it's bad for your health and your society. -Dr.Larry

Will jogging affect conception?

No, jogging is considered healthy as long as you do it in time which is about 30 to 50 minutes few times a week.

How many calories do you lose in jogging?

it depends how long you are jogging for and at what speed you are jogging :)

Which exercise training would build up more stamina sprinting or jogging for 40 minutes?

To build stamina long slow distance jogging is best

What is the best brand of jogging cassette player?

The best brand of a jogging cassette player is the Sony Walkman

Which muscle fiber type is best suited for endurance activities such as long-distance jogging?

fast or slow

When is the best time to go jogging?

There is no best time. Some people prefer jogging in the early hours of the morning and some prefer "night running". I'd try and do both and see what suits you best and make a decision from there. I personally like running in the morning due to the fact that there are not many people around.

Which muscle fiber type is best suited for endurance activies such as long distance jogging?

Slow Oxidative Fibers

Does jogging for long time has any adverse effects?

Jogging does generate some impact in your leg joints. For a heavier person, specially if running on tarmac, this can eventually cause damage. This isn't at all certain though, and you may well get a long jogging career without and adverse effects at all.

What is the best portable CD player for jogging?

Ipod is the best.

Why are warm up less important for low impact activities such as jogging and recreational cycling?

Jogging is a warm up and recreational cycling is one big long warmup, however cycling as a warm up takes a long time.

Where could I buy the best jogging stroller?

Many moms suggest a Britax B-Ready Stroller. You can buy them cheap at Babies R Us. Any stroller should basically be good for jogging with as long as your careful.

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