When is the Super Bowl coming to ga?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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The Falcons have to put in a bid for the Super Bowl to be held at their stadium. The selection is usually made about 3-4 years before the city actually hosts the Super Bowl. Also, indoor stadiums have a much better chance of being selected than outdoor stadiums.

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Q: When is the Super Bowl coming to ga?
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The date of next years Super Bowl?

This year's coming Super Bowl is on February 6, 2011

How many times ga falcons played in super bowl?


When is the super bowl coming play?

February 7th

What Channel will Super Bowl air Atlanta Ga?

Your local FOX station.

Who lost the Super Bowl in 2000?

Tennesse Titans lost to the St. Louis Rams 23-16 in Atlanta Ga in Super Bowl XXXIV (34).

What are the names of the domed stadiums that have had the super bowl?

Ga dome, Super dome, astro dome, Seattle dome.

Who will win this coming Super Bowl?

green bay packersAnswer:The Saints!

Where is the Super Bowl being held?

I believe it is in Miami this coming year.

What channel number is the Super Bowl coming on direct TV?


Is the 2012 Super Bowl?

When is the 2012 super bowl? Well I had the same question and i saw one of last years super bowl advertisements so it should be coming soon but to be exact it is: Sunday February, 5, 2012. By: ~Sarah~

What channel is the 2010 Super Bowl coming out in?

It comes out on Channel 2 on kcbs

How many times has the Super Bowl been held in Georgia?

The Georgia Dome in Atlanta GA has hosted the Super Bowl twice in 1994 and 2000.