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5:25 CST.

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Q: When is the Super Bowl broadcast in Austin tx?
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What stadium will the Super Bowl be played?

The Super-Bowl XLV will be played in the Cowboy's Stadium in Arlington , Tx

What town is the super bowl in dallas?

Arlington, TX.

Is the super bowl?

The Super Bowl is in a different stadium every year. The 2011 Super Bowl will be held in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX on February 6.

What city is the super bowl being play in?

dallas, TX

When did Anne Hudson live?

Anne Hudson is currently alive. She is a Radio and TV personality based in Austin, TX. Her show is broadcast on KASE 101 in Austin.

How many miles is it from Buffalo to the super bowl?

From Buffalo, NY to Dallas, TX, home of Super Bowl XLV, is 1,395 miles.

Where is Super Bowl 45 going to be?

Arlington, TX at the new stadium

What time is Super Bowl kick off in TX?

5 p.m

Where is Glory Hole in Austin TX?

In Austin, TX

What team field will host the super bowl in 2011?

The 2011 Super Bowl was already played, at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. The 2012 Super Bowl will be played on February 5th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

What is the driving distance from Austin TX to Houston TX?

From Austin Tx, to Houston Tx- It is 165 miles.

The population in Austin?

Austin County, TX= 26,851 Austin, TX=1.6 million