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The NBA playoffs start April 18th and the Cleveland Cavaliers will win.

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Q: When is the NBA playoffs in 2010?
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When did the 2010 NBA playoffs start?

The 2010 NBA playoffs began on April 17, 2010.

Who won the 2010 NBA playoffs?

No team has won the NBA playoffs yet. (2010)

When do the 2010 NBA playoffs end?


When do the 2009-2010 NBA playoffs start?

Playoffs start April 17th. Enjoy.

Who was the winner of last seasons NBA playoff?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

When was the last time the Boston Celtics made the NBA playoffs?

The Celtics reached the second round of the 2010-2011 NBA playoffs. They were eliminated by the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

What teams are in the NBA playoffs 2010?

There are 16 teams in the NBA Playoffs 2010. Celtics, Cavaliers, Hawks, Magic, Heat, Bucks, Bobcats, Bulls, Lakers, Mavericks, Jazz, Suns, Nuggets, Blazers, Spurs, and Thunder. Hope this helps!

When was the last time the Blazers were in the NBA playoffs?

2010 vs the phoenix suns

When does the 2010-2011 NBA playoffs start?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who will the cavs lose to in the 2010 NBA playoffs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics (4-2) in the 2nd round of 2010 NBA playoffs. It happened in the TD Garden in Boston. The Celtics now will face the Orlando Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.

What NBA teams have never made the playoffs?

the bobcats went to the playoffs in 2010 and lost to the Orlando magic in the frist round 4-0

When was NBA Playoffs created?

NBA Playoffs was created in 1947.

How many rounds are in the NBA playoffs?

There are four rounds in the NBA Playoffs.

Are the Chicago Bulls going to the playoffs?

No they are not but they are going next year and they are going to be the 2010 NBA Champions

How do you unlock players in nba live 2010 for iPod?

You have to win the finals in a season after making the playoffs.

Did Boston beat Cleveland in the nba playoffs 2010 game 3?

No because Cleveland is Beast

Who won the NBA playoffs?

Kylie Minogue recently won the NBA playoffs.

When are thge NBA playoffs?

The 2012 NBA Playoffs began on April 28.

When do the 2010-2011 NBA playoffs start?

Saturday, April 16, 2011The 2010-2011 NBA Playoffs begin on Saturday, April 16, 2011. (See the Related link for more information.)

When did NBA playoffs start 2009?

The 2009 NBA Playoffs started on Saturday, April 18.

Does the NBA playoffs happen each year?

Yes the NBA playoffs are held each year.

Who is still in NBA playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

Which nba teams are in the playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

What month are the NBA playoffs?

The Playoffs last through April and May and then the NBA finals start in June.

How long are the NBA playoffs?

The NBA playoffs generally begin in the middle of April and end about the middle of June.