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late January it comes on the tennis channel

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Q: When is the Australian Open tennis tournament scheduled to start?
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When did the international ATP tennis tournament start?

In 1990

When did the Qatar Open men's tennis tournament start?


When did the Qatar Open Mens Tennis tournament start?


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What date does the Wimbledon tennis tournament start and finish?

21 June 2010 - 4 July 2010

When did rod laver start playing tennis?

Rod Laver started playing tennis in 1973. He is an Australian tennis player that is currently inactive, and living in California.

When will Australian Open start?

In 2010 the australien open will officially start on Wednesday January 13th for the qualifying and the actual tournament will start monday January 18th.

When did tennis start in Australia?

The actual date that Australians started playing tennis is not widely known. However, Tennis Australia first started administering the sport in 1904. The first Australian Open was played the following year.

What tennis player has won the most Australian Open Championship Titles?

Roy Emerson (an Australian himself) has 6 Australian crowns which is a record for that tournament. 1961, and 1963 - 1967. He also has the most slam titles,28, for the mens division. His 28 Grand Slam titles are an all-time record for a male player. Most of his titles were won in the final years of the period where the Grand Slam events were open only to amateur players, just before the start of the open era when professionals were admitted into tennis' most prestigious events.

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Tennis Tennis

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