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The 33rd America's Cup will be held on Feb 8-12, 2010.

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Q: When is the 33rd America's cup?
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Who won the 33rd Stanley cup?

Assuming we are counting from the NHL only 1927 start, the 33rd Stanley Cup was won by the Montreal Canadiens over the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1960.

When was Americas Military Cup created?

Americas Military Cup was created in 2001.

What was the name of the first non-American yacht to win the Americas Cup?

The yacht Australia II won the Americas Cup in September, 1983.

With what sport is the America's cup associated?

The Americas Cup is associated with sailing.

What sport is associated with the America cup?

The Americas Cup is associated with sailing.

Who won the 2010 America's Cup?

BMW Oracle Racing won the 33rd America's cup in 2010. They beat Alinghi 2-0

What are the only 3 countries to have challenged the US for yachting Americas Cup?

New Zealand, Australia, GB, Venezuela, Switzerland, have all challenged for the Americas Cup

How do you get from Penn Station to Avenue of the Americas?

Avenue of the Americas is another name for 6th Avenue, and 6th Avenue is 1 block east of Penn Station. Penn Station is at 33rd to 34th Streets, between 8th and 7th Avenues.

What year was the last Americas cup?


Is Americas cup winner Dennis Conner married?


Which Australian city hosted the Americas cup?


Why are socks linked to Americas cup?

i rock by Abrar

Have any multihulls won the America's cup?

NO. And I don't think that multihulls are allowed to participate in the Americas cup.

What is americas cup city?

The next America's Cup is set to be hosted in San Francisco, United States.

Who were the entrants to the 1983 Americas cup?

Australia - Australia II

Which year did NZ first win Americas cup?


Which sporting trophy was first awarded in 1851?

Americas Cup

Only Australian city to host the Americas cup?


What coutry won the 2000 Americas cup?

New Zealand

How old is the Americas cup competed for in sailing?

33 years.

How many times has the Americas Cup been held?


What year did Fremantle host the Americas Cup defence?

the year fremantle hosted the America's cup defence was 1987

When is the 35th Americas cup?

The 35th America's Cup will take place in 2016. The 34th America's Cup however will begin in September 2013.

In what year did Australia win the Americas Cup?

it was on 25 September 1983

What was the name of the winning yacht at the 1995 Americas cup?

Black Magic