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Q: When is rafa nadal birthday?
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When was Rafa Nadal Tennis created?

Rafa Nadal Tennis was created in 2007.

Which city in Spain is Rafa Nadal from?

Rafa nadal is from a small city called monacor in the island of majjorca in the meditreanean sea.

Is rafa nadal gay?


What religion is rafeal nadal?

Rafa is Agnostic.

What town did Rafa Nadal come from?


What is Rafa of tennis' name?

Rafael Nadal

What is Rafael Nadal beliefs?

Rafa is Agnostic.

What is Rafa Nadal's favourite movie?

Gladiator and Titanic

How many french opens has Rafa Nadal won?


Does Rafael nadal have a shock absorber?

Rafa does play with a shock absorber.

How much is rafa nadal getting from his sponsorship deals?

currently rafa gets 25 mil. Per year from nike only.

Is Roger Federer better than Rafael Nadal?

Rafa is better by 1%