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National hug a Basketball player day is not found. Some think it should be everyday.

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Q: When is national hug a basketball player day?
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When is national hug a softball player day?

september 12th

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National hug day is Januaury 21st!

When is National Hug a Drummer Day?

Every day is National Hug a Drummer day.

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National Hug Day was created in 1986.

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not august 26th cause that's national waffle day

When is national hug a cheerleader day?

National hug a cheerleader day is September 5th.

When is national hug a dancer day?

National Hug A Dancer day is on November 30.

When is national hug a football player day?

November 12th

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January 21 is National Hug a Person Day.

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It is not really National Hug a Girl Day, but National Hugging Day. Hugging Day started in 1986, and is always on January 21st.

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They say that Cinco De Mayo (the 5th of may) is suppose to be national hug a Mexican day

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its when you have 2 hug a ballerina

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I have no idea! but what i do know is that national hug day is March 5, 2009!!!

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sept 13th

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March 19th.

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April 28th

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Nov. 24

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December 17

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March 11