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2007 NFC East Redskins, Giants & Cowboys!

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Q: When is last time 3 teams from same division made playoffs same year?
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Last time 2 teams from the al central made the playoffs?

The last time that two teams from the AL Central both made the playoffs was 2006, where the Minnesota Twins won the division and the Detroit Tigers took the Wild Card.

What NHL team have made the playoffs the most?

To make the nhl playoffs you have to be the top team in your division or in the top 5 teams in your conference besides the division champions. 8 teams are taken from each conference.

What does 'wildcard' mean as it relates to the Super Bowl?

A "wildcard" is a team that made the playoffs without winning their division. Playoffs are made up of the top 6 teams from each conference. There are 4 division winners and 2 wildcards from each conference. The wildcards are the 2 teams with the best win-loss records that did not win their division

When was the last time all Original 6 teams made the playoffs?

It was back in 1996.

How many teams lost their last three games and still made the nfl playoffs?


Have 3 teams from the same division ever made the NFL playoffs?

Yes, you would have one division winner, and 2 wild card teams that could possibly be from the same division. That last occurred in the 2007 season. The wildcard teams in the NFC were the New York Giants and Washington Redskins, both from the East division, and in the AFC were the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, both from the South division. yes. in 1494 the colu

When was the last time all original 6 teams made the NHL playoffs?

It was back in 1996.

Teams that never made the playoffs?

Houston Texans has never made the NFL Playoffs.

What NFL teams have started off 1-4 and made the playoffs?

Teams that have started 1-4 and made the playoffs and won their division: 1992 San Diego Chargers, 1993 Houston Oilers, 2002 Tennessee Titans, 2002 New York Jets and 2004 Green Bay Packers.

What NFL teams have not made the playoffs the last 10 years?

Detroit Lions

Which NBA teams have never made the playoffs?


Can a wild card play within the same division?

Three teams in the division can make it to the playoffs. 12 teams in total qualify for the playoffs, 6 in the AFC and 6 in the NFC. The division winners from each conference are the top 4 seeds. There are 4 divisions in each conference, so that's 8 teams. The remaining four make up the wild card teams. the next 2 best teams who are not division winners in the NFC and the next 2 best teams from the AFC also qualify for the playoffs, which are the 5 and 6 seeds. It is possible that both wildcard winners in either conference, are in the same division, as long as they have the next 2 best records. Yes, in the 2006 playoffs, the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys all made in from the NFC East.