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when the ball is served. or if the setter is setting you cant reach over to block it because it would be considered roofing and that is illegal.

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Q: When is it illegal to block the ball?
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What are the fouls in the NFL?

The fouls are: Illegal block below the waist, ball illegally touched, delay of game, false start, personal foul, holding, illegal block in the back, forward lateral, pass interference, intentional grounding, ineligible receiver, illegal contact, offside, illegal motion, unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal cut, illegal crackback, tripping, twelve men in the huddle, illegal shift, roughing the kicker, roughing the passer, chop block and clipping.

Is their jumping in flag football?

Yes jumping to catch or block the ball, but jumping into the end zone is illegal.

Can football players block downfield while pass is in the air?

No. It is illegal for an eligable man to block a defender past the line off scrimmage if the ball is in the air.

What is an illegal bowling ball?

An illegal ball is an ball over 16 pounds.

When did Kirby's Block Ball happen?

Kirby's Block Ball happened in 1995.

When was Kirby's Block Ball created?

Kirby's Block Ball was created on 1995-12-14.

You see a soccer ball coming towards you and your foot jerks out to kick the ball why?

Your body's reaction to any foreign object coming towards you quickly is to block it. If the ball is closer to your feet, they will block it. If the ball is higher, your hands will jerk to block the ball.

What is double block in volley ball?

double block is when two players are working together to deflect and attacked the ball at the net.

How do you block wedsites?

Make marriage illegal.

What is block touch in volleyball?

block the ball from crossing to your side of the court

Where is dodge ball illegal?


In basketball illegal interference with the ball when the ball is above the basket?