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December 30th

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Q: When is brock lesnars next fight?
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Who is brock fitzhenery?


What is Brock Lesnars real name?

Brock Lesnar

Brock lesnar mailing address?

whats brock lesnars mailing address

Who did end brock lesnars career?


When is Brock Lesnars next UFC fight?

As of now - Never. Brock Lesnar is no longer with the UFC. He retired from UFC at the end of his last fight with Alistair Overeem in 2011 and is not expected to return to UFC in the near future. He is currently with the WWE where his contract runs till 2015. Due to his health situation he may not consider returning to the UFC

What is brock lesnars finisher on video games?


What is brock lesnars net worth?

He is currently worth $15,000,000

When is brock lesners next fight in UFC?

his next fight is with mark colemen

Is brock lesnars knee broken?

no, john cena did not break it in their match at xtreme rules

How big are brock lesnars arms?

According to a sports illustrated magazine his arms are recorded at 21".

When is the next brock lesner fight?

Brock Lesnar's next fight is a heavyweight title defense against Shane Carwin at UFC106 on November 21st

When will Brock Lesnar fight?

Brock Lesnar will have a fight on October 23 in UFC 121 and he will face the undefeated Cain Velasquez

Did Brock Lesner fight Shane Carwin in November?

No the fight was scheduled for UFC 106 but was scraped due to Brock Lesnar's illness

How old is brock from the next star?

Brock is 17 years old.

Who ended brock lesnars career?

I would say that his disease "Diverticultis" ended his career. Lesnar first suffered from Diverticultis, underwent surgery and returned back to the UFC but he was unable to recover from his second bout of the same illness. After his second surgery and recovery, Lesnar came back to fight Alistair Overeem but was unable to fight at a 100% because of his illness. As a result of this, he retired after the fight. If Lesnar were a 100% and did not have to undergo two surgeries due to his illness, I doubt if Overeem or anyone else could've defeated him.

What nicknames does Brock Lesnar go by?

Brock Lesnar goes by The Next Big Thing, Broccoli, and Brock Solid.

Who won the Brock Lesnar UFC Fight Today?

Brock Lesnar by TKO in the second round

Is Brock Lesnar a Christian?

After his fight against Shawn carwin brock said that he thanks god for his win.

Why doesn't brock lesnar fight anymore?

he came back for cena and is now creating a storyline for triple h to fight brock lesnar at a ppv.(most likely summmerslam)

Bobby lashley brock lesnar?

Lesnar would beat Lashley. the fight we all want to see is Brock Lesnar vs Fedor Emelianenko i think bobby would win that fight and i would much rather c bobby vs brock than fedor vs brock

Who will win brock lesnar or bob sap?

bob sapp can't fight but i want him to kill brock lesnar

Is Brock Lesnar undefeated?

No Brock lost his first MMA fight by tapping out in less than 90 seconds.

How many times did brock lesnar and frank mir fight in ufc?

twice the first time frank mir beat brock in his ufc debut by tapout (ankle lock) the second fight brock defeated frank by tko (punches)

When is brock lesnars UFC contract expiring?

Brock Lesnar's UFC contract expired in 2011. He retired from MMA after he lost to Alistair Overeem at the UFC 141 event. He was suffering from health issues and hence both UFC as well as Lesnar agreed not to renew their contracts. Currently Lesnar is signed up with the WWE and is expected to be with them for a couple of more years.

Who did brock lesnar first fight?

jeff hardy